Flooded boat and now foam buoyancy tanks full of water HELP

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Phil De Troy
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Flooded boat and now foam buoyancy tanks full of water HELP

Post by Phil De Troy » Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:30 pm


My boat is a Micro prototype, not a Swift

There are different qualities of buoyancy foam.
The worst (but cheapest) is expanded polystyrene (EPS), usually white. Even if some producers claim their product is closed cells, the quality of foam is deteriorating quickly and it takes water. On my boat, one volume of EPS under the front berths took no more than 5% water during after a capsize, I could dry it out in one week, 3 buckets on 1st day, 1 tea spoon on 7th day.

Much better and not too expensive is extruded polystyrene (XPS), usually coloured blue (Jackodur), green (Styrodur), yellow (Isomo XPS). Weakness: dissolves in aceton and polyester. And impossible to use in most existing volumes without large openings

2 components polyurethane foam is expensive and requires openings to let pressure go, otherwise your volumes may explode... Very interesting to use in a rudder, but use needs a lot of care.

See the whole gallery of the incident on http://jamais203.detroy.org/album/09-2.html

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The boat was flooded and the sealed foam buoyancy tanks have got water in them. Has anyone any ideas on how to empty them and does the foam absorb water i am hopeful the water is just round the outside of the foam.. Is there a bilge area between the hull and cabin floor and could this be flooded?

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Elwyn Williams
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Flooded boat and now foam buoyancy tanks full of water HELP

Post by Elwyn Williams » Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:43 pm

Not Sure if this helps - depends when built I believe.

When mine (S016) was 1st launched had one of John Charnley's builders come and have a look as it appeared it was possible for water to enter the keel (Skeg) void from the area just in front of the outboard well in the lockers, the fix was to fibre class over the void & fill with expanding foam.

Also later in it's life, small leaks from the keel housing (Inner) joint with the inner moulding were noted, Behind outer keel housing, Keel housing cover retraining screws were too long from new. Drilled out & sealed with resin & back filled with hi ex foam no problems since. (Approx 10 yrs ago) now 26 yrs old.

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