Shetland swifts.

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mike cooper

Shetland swifts.

Post by mike cooper » Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:20 am

Tony. I have built\building a new swift 400 using the moulds that
used to be shetlands,there are only minor diferences between the
earlier models and the last production run .this was to reduce costs!!
the main changes are,.... grp toe stop instead of fancy alloy
extrusion along lenth of boat,alloy tabernackle(MASTFOOT) instead of
stainless steel ,lower grp moulding inside by cooker stand,and
sometimes a lighter layup of grp on the deck roof area. hope this
helps,mike in sunny but cold winds,norfolk...PS has anybody used paint
instead of a plastic srip for the side srip along the hull? saw some
nice metalic elctric blue on a fiat car the other day ,thought I might
use paint instead?

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