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Mast Supports JPG

Post by dunedin321 » Sun Oct 29, 2006 8:54 pm

Sorry - forgot the camera! - will take some next weekend if I get
the opportunity.

--- In, "dunedin321" <airdfamily@...> wrote:
She's just out of the water and mast lowered so will take some
this weekend.


--- In, johnsti256@ wrote:
I too would be very interested to know how the bits and pieces
shown in the
photo fit !
I find that even with the mast lashed to the push and pulpits it
is too
close to the roof of my Rangerover and indeed I did get a minor
scratch on the
roof when the boat trailer was on the flat and the car began the
ascent of a
fairly steep drive.!

Any info on how these supports fit would be welcome

Ian Johnstone
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