Guidance for posting messages

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Guidance for posting messages

Post by noodle » Sat Nov 25, 2006 11:38 am

When posting a message please avoid putting personal details such as telephone numbers, email addresses and snail mail addresses into the message, as this will help prevent your details being misused by others.

Instead the forum provides facilities to allow members to contact each other privately and can be used to exchange personal details.

The two methods available are:

1) Private messages (PM). This allows members to send messages to each other via the forum. You have to log onto the forum to read your messages. The forum can send you an email to notify you that messages are waiting. You can set this up by editing your profile.

2) Email. The forum will allow a member to send an email to another member, but it does not expose the recepients email address. When the recepient replies to the email, both parties will know each others email address. You can set this up by editing your profiles.

Sending PMs or emails to a member can be achieved by either clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of a message posted by them or via the Memberlist. You can only send PMs/emails if you are logged into the forum.


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