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Axle available

Post by Brio » Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:01 pm

I have just had a new galvanised braked suspension axle made for my old SBS trailer. The company supplying are Autow from Warwickshire, tel
01789 774920.
The axle has been designed to pick up all four of the main bearers on the trailer and replaces the leaf springs and axle. (Which on mine had already happened.) Some adjustment of mudguards may be necessary or not and the trailer will sit lower to the ground which should help with launching and recovery.
In conversation with David the manager this morning, he told me the fabricators had made two axles by mistake! So there is one for sale that will currently only fit the Swift 18 SBS trailer.
Ring David for details if you are interested.

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Re Trailer Axle

Post by nickf » Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:12 pm

I have contacted David of Autotow.He is looking for your details as he has mislaid the specification of the new axle you had.My trailer is 1983 and showing its ageI was thinking of fitting a new braked axle.Did you have any problems fitting it? Is it the type that clamps on? Is there any welding to be done?Is it fitted with brake back plates,shoesetc
Would you mind contacting me with information My telephone No is 01404 850008 (I could call you back) my e-mail address is

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